Pre Summer Camp
to Jun 15

Pre Summer Camp

Pre-SUMMER CAMP 2018  

Weekly PRE-SUMMER ART CAMP is for all ages. Camp is designed for those who need something creatively productive to do between the weeks when regular school ends and real camp begins for most kids. Some of the private schools end exceptionally early in June. 
JUNE 11 - JUNE 15          10 - 12:15
JUNE 18 - JUNE 22          10 - 12:15
JUNE 25 - JUNE 29          10 - 12:15

Bring your snack! Expect clay, sculpture, sewing, painting and more. No repeats. Each week is designed with new fun projects, including the best of the past workshops of the year. I specifically customize these summer projects based on the ages of the children that are signed up for that particular week. They are all problem solving and success oriented so anyone can do them. Enjoy photos from previous art camp experiences and get a real feel for the place at CREATE.

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